Empowering immigrant families to flourish in NYC

Hillside Center is a nonprofit organization in New York City dedicated to helping our neighbors achieve their language, education, and career goals.

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Building community with our neighbors in Queens.
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“It’s a life saver. Let’s say you have a really hard day, when you join, it changes it into a good day. Awesome experience -- makes your life ten times better. I learned friendship; I didn’t have many friends before Hillside, but now I do — and I feel cared for.”
5th Grader, tutoring at hillside 
since 1st Grade
“I enjoy Hillside so much because it means I found in America some good relationships for me and my children. In this center I improved so much in my English speaking, writing, and preparing for my job. I learned a lot of true things from them. The people at Hillside share so much with me every week and in this pandemic time, Jim and Carin gave us mental and other support. I found so much good for my life.”
English Language Student & parent of student in tutoring
“When I first came, I thought I would just learn schoolwork, but I learned values and how to be a kind person too. They help you, and they never get angry. I learned it’s ok to take a moment to think; that’s something I don’t think I would have learned somewhere else.”
10th Grader at brooklyn latin, Participating at hillside since 5th Grade

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Over the past 5 years, Hillside Center has worked with over 300 volunteers, earned over $50,000 in grants, and continues to partner with multiple organizations, churches, and individuals locally and nationally. Find out how you can help more families in our community.
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Hillside Center for Education is a registered 501c3 organization.

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